Public Safety

All Texans deserve to be protected from threats in their daily lives. The State strives to predict, prevent, and respond to emergencies, disasters and crimes, quickly and effectively, to maintain safety for all. 

License to carry and handgun safety

Texas is an open carry state, but you need a license showing you attended and passed safety courses.

Learn how to get a license to carry a handgun

Find public safety services and information

Our state agencies work to keep you safe whether you are at home, out in public, or online.

Victim services

It’s a crime for anyone to harm you on purpose. We provide direct compensation services to victims and their families throughout Texas.

Highway Patrol Troopers safety presentation

Crime prevention education is available from Texas Highway Patrol Troopers. You may contact a Trooper for safety presentations or to coordinate a speaking event.

Firearms and children’s safety

It’s against the law in Texas to store, transport, or abandon an unsecured firearm where children can find it.

Fingerprint services

Some criminal history background checks in Texas require fingerprinting services from DPS. 

Emergency and disaster preparedness

No matter where you live in Texas, it’s important to learn about the potential hazards near you so you can plan ahead. 

Public Safety Commission

The Public Safety Commission oversees the department of public safety and hosts public meetings.  

Human trafficking

Human trafficking affects adults, children, men and women, in Texas—and around the world. 

Protect your identity

Use the identity theft information guide to help you take action and protect yourself.

See how to protect and reclaim your identity.

Learn how our agencies can help you

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

  • Private security regulation including fingerprints and background checks
  • Handgun license
  • Crime records

Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)

  • Emergency planning, training and exercises
  • Emergency response
  • Disaster recovery

Texas Attorney General (TAG)

  • Crime victim services
  • Law enforcement data
  • Consumer complaints