Local Government & Resources

There are 254 counties and over 1,200 municipal governments in Texas. Learn how your local government can serve you.

Texas Voter Registration

You have options for how to get an application to register to vote in Texas. Once you fill out an application, send it to your county voter registrar at least 30 days before an election.

Learn more about how to register to vote

Find local government resources

Discover local government resources that serve you—from transparent government to tribal government to business, library, and fire resources.

Texas state constitution

The Texas state constitution specifies Texas local government and powers.  

Local government reports and tools

View a collection of reports and tools focusing on local data, economic development, community reinvestment, and more. 

Property tax rates

Texas government promotes trust and transparency in property tax rates by using each county's Truth in Taxation website to explain how your tax rate is calculated.  

Tribal government resources

At least 24 tribal communities have historic ties to Texas. If you need to consult with tribal communities, the Texas Historical Commission offers guidance and contacts.  

Small business resources

You don’t need a business license to start a business in Texas, but you do need certain local and state permits.  

Local sales and use tax rates

Texas sets 6.25 percent state sales and use tax on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods, and taxable services.

TexShare libraries

TexShare libraries work together to: offer content, online education, career advancement tools, and more ways to borrow resources.

Fire service

Interested in joining the fire service? Check out if there are fire service job openings in your area. 

Trek the corners of the Lone Star State

Explore the great state of Texas! From state parks to state fairs, local events to seasonal fishing, discover what Texas has to offer.

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Learn how our agencies can help you

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (TCPA)

  • Reports on government data, trends, and policy
  • Open data tools
  • Tax rules and laws

Texas Historical Commission (THC)

  • Preserves Texas’s historical architecture, archeology, and cultural landmarks
  • Guidelines for consulting with American Indian tribes

Texas Secretary of State (SOS)

  • Voter registration
  • Business services

Texas State Libraries and Archives Commission (TSLAC)

  • Preserve the archival record of Texas
  • Enhance the service capacity of Texas public, academic, and school libraries
  • Assist state and local public agencies in records management
  • Talking Book Program

Texas Veteran Commission (TVC)

  • Advocates for veterans
  • Offers supports for veterans, families, and survivors